Gone...But Not Forgotten, Virginia Beach Vol. 1 (Soft Cover)

Virginia Beach Memories:

Memories are truly a gift. They remind us of who we are, where we have been and often show us a path to where we are going. They make the past come alive again!

Written and published by Beach natives and brothers Jimmy and Shep Jordan, "Gone...But Not Forgotten, Virginia Beach" will ignite your fondest memories of special people and places that left a lasting legacy in the fabric of Virginia Beach. Remember the Duck In? How about the Shack? Do you know the story behind the first surf shop in VB, or how about the Witch of Pungo? And what local business is located on the site of what was once a German POW camp during World War II?

These are just a handful of the stories that are sure to bring a smile to your face as you recall your own special memories of people and places that had their day but are no longer around. Now in its second printing and with over 100 vintage photos, "Gone...But Not Forgotten, Virginia Beach" brings the past back to life and reminds us all of why Virginia Beach is such a special place.

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